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Microsoft Surface Pen V4
Microsoft Surface Pen V4

Microsoft Surface Pen V4

Brand: Microsoft
Stylus - 2 Buttons - Wireless - Bluetooth 4.0 for Surface Book, Pro 4, and Pro (Gen 5)
Write, draw, or mark-up documents - digitally. Take notes to quickly capture your thoughts, and instantly convert to text for sharing and searching. Simply click once to open OneNote, or click and hold to access your personal digital assistant, Cortana. It feels as natural as pen on paper with precision ink on one end and an eraser on the other.
*Compatible with Pro X/Pro 7+/Pro 8/Laptop 4/Book 3/Go 2/Go 3/Duo 1/Duo 2/Laptop Studio - NOT Compatible with Laptop Go or Laptop SE
Color: Charcoal
Size: One Size