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Activating Your Digital Access Code

How do I activate my Digital Access Code?

Please click the type of Digital Access Code you purchased below:

Aktiv Chemistry
Pearson MyLab & Mastering

Pearson REVEL
Piano Marvel
Top Hat
Visible Body Courseware

What is a Digital Access Code?

A Digital Access Code is an online registration which provides you access to your digital course materials including homework assignments, tests and quizzes, and often includes an ebook version of your textbook.  Digital Access Codes may be delivered to you on a printed physical registration card, or may be digitally sent to you via email.  To locate your digital access code via email please visit this page Finding Your Digital Access Code  Digital Access Codes are a single use product.  Once you activate your Digital Access Code it cannot be used again.  

When does my Digital Access Code expire?

Digital Access Code duration varies by product.  Typically ranging from 18 weeks (1 semester) to 52 weeks (1 year) of access.  The time frame begins on the date of activation.  

What is the refund policy for Digital Access Codes?

Digital Access Codes fall under the Bookstore Refund Policy  Digital Access Codes are non-refundable once activated. If you would like to a return a code that has not been activated the bookstore may need to verify with the publisher that the code has not been activated.  Once the code is confirmed we will contact you to process your refund.